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About our Reading Pillows......

Our pillow covers make a great gift! They are designed to bring back the art of reading.  Every case is designed with a pocket that will hold a book, a nook, or an iPad. 

Our pillow covers come with a handle (Optional) to allow your precious little one to carry their favorite books to you for story time.  Our cover also has an envelope closure in the back, avoiding the danger of buttons and zippers.  


We also carry a line of pillow covers that are perfect for those who love to read, write or draw, allowing them to capture their hobbies.  They make the perfect sendoff for those heading off to college.  Imagine a pillow with their school name/logo with a personalized note hidden in he pocket.  Nothing like a little taste of home when you can't be there.


We also carry a variety of adult themed pillows.  To include inspirational themes, wine sipping, vacation, animals, love or any other themes your heart can imagine.


We also have a memorial line that can be personalized with your dearly departed loved ones name, birth date and death date.  A perfect way to memorialize your loved one and keep them close to you.


Our sports line comes with the traditional book pocket AND an additional pocket to hold a remote control, glasses or phone.


Our pillows are only limited by your imagination.  You can design your pillow however you want.  They can be customized to satisfy your desire.


**Please note our covers fit a standard 16 x 16 pillow (not included).  Pillows can be purchased at your local store.  These covers are washable in cold water.

No buttons or zippers



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Added handle

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